Necrobotics is a new area of interest for scientists. It includes the use of biotic materials as robotic components. The science of necrobotics mainly uses the combination of natural cells with artificial components to generate biocompatible small robots. This has been experimented with before, by replicating the locomotion mechanisms of cheetahs, but just recently a more purposeful and inspiring development happened as a group ofContinue reading “Necrobotics”

Future of Electricity Generation & Bio-batteries

Batteries are an important technology for combating CO2 emissions from the transportation, power, and industrial sectors. To be effective in achieving that goal, batteries must demonstrate ultra-high performance that exceeds their current capabilities: energy and power performance nearing theoretical limits, exceptional longevity and dependability, and enhanced safety and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, in order to be economically viable, these batteries must be scalable, allowing for cost-effectiveContinue reading “Future of Electricity Generation & Bio-batteries”


After a long break, we are back with our articles. Today’s article will focus on minerals, which are the building blocks of rocks, that can greatly be used to go back in time and find the roots of life.  On Earth, more than 2000 varieties of minerals have been discovered. These substances are regarded as minerals according to the five criteria that the geologists use:Continue reading “Minerals”

Summer Cautions

Summer is just around the corner. Swimming, playing beach volleyball, grilling, sunbathing, walking barefoot on the grass… Summer is the time for joy, love, and peace. However, with warmer weather, there come some health risks: sunburn, dehydration, damaged skin, and even heat exhaustion are all important things to think about as you begin your summer celebrations.  Sun Damage When we think about summer the firstContinue reading “Summer Cautions”

Algae for Climate Change

With globalization, populations, and usage of natural resources increasing, climate change has come to a point where now everyone is so pessimistic that we may not be able to reverse its effects. Many fields of scientists have long been trying to find solutions to this devastating problem, however, many of these are more focused on decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, instead of finding a wayContinue reading “Algae for Climate Change”

Beavers as Firefighters

Climate change and ineffective fire suppression have fanned fires across the world. Wildfires have burned over ten million acres in the whole world, and many have caused people to abandon their homes or even led some to death. Meanwhile, one of our most important firefighting allies has gone unnoticed: the beavers. We all know beavers as large, semiaquatic, cute animals with brownish fur colors livingContinue reading “Beavers as Firefighters”

Omicron Variant of COVID-19

As the world was coming to an end with all the COVID-19 precautions (removing mask requirements, restarting crowd activities such as concerts…), a new variant has raised concern. This new variant called the Omicron has been the center of attention for several weeks now, and many scientists are working collaboratively to gather data and virus samples to answer essential questions about the variant. The firstContinue reading “Omicron Variant of COVID-19”

International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Because of the impunity, silence, stigma, and shame that surround it, violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the most common, persistent, and destructive human rights violations in our world today. All sorts of violence against women and girls (VAWG), notably domestic abuse, has increased since the emergence of COVID-19, and that the world was unprepared to respond to its quick escalation. COVID-19Continue reading “International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women”

The Scene Behind Leukemia

Last week, between 2-8 November 2021, was the Internation Week for Children with Leukemia and we would like to publish an article in regards to many children suffering from this severe disease at a very little age. Every year nearly 60000 people in the U.S. die from leukemia, the type of cancer that accounts nearly for 5% of all cancer issues. Based on an estimatedContinue reading “The Scene Behind Leukemia”

Installing Smart Showers

As climate change destroys the natural environment in our world, humankind has started to get worried about their future. Sensing the fear of not having enough resources for survival in the coming future, many environmentally-friendly innovations and inventions have been made. One of the most common and applicable of these inventions is smart showers. Standard showers in our houses waste extensive amounts of water inContinue reading “Installing Smart Showers”

Starving for Perfection

“How to reach the ideal body type?”, “How to look like a model?”, “How to lose 10 lbs in 3 days?”… These titles are so popular in our daily lives. With the mind-blowing improvements in technology, social media grows excessively. We watch television, movies, read articles in magazines, and see pictures of the celebrities whom we want to be like because they have the “idealContinue reading “Starving for Perfection”

Contact Lenses: How do They Work?

Over half of the population of the world has some problems with their eyesight, most of them being myopia or hyperopia. These people are given prescriptions for a form of corrective devices such as glasses or contact lenses by oculists. However, most of the time, especially in rainy weather and now with surgical masks on our face, glasses are not so convenient to use. Therefore,Continue reading “Contact Lenses: How do They Work?”

Pupils as an Indicator of Intelligence

Eyes are the windows to the soul and they have mysterious abilities that we can not even imagine. The eyes are not just a sensory organ that responds to light and provides sight. They have even more different applications. Recently, scientists discovered that eyes are actually an indication of intelligence.  Research conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that pupil size is an indicatorContinue reading “Pupils as an Indicator of Intelligence”

Learning to Relax

“ People say they are so busy doing the “shoulds” – whether that is working, caring for family or being a part of demanding friendships – that by the time an evening or weekend comes around when they might do what they want, there is no energy or motivation left for anything but “flopping out”. That’s a difficulty because how is life enjoyable or satisfyingContinue reading “Learning to Relax”


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