Starving for Perfection

“How to reach the ideal body type?”, “How to look like a model?”, “How to lose 10 lbs in 3 days?”… These titles are so popular in our daily lives. With the mind-blowing improvements in technology, social media grows excessively. We watch television, movies, read articles in magazines, and see pictures of the celebrities whomContinue reading “Starving for Perfection”

Pupils as an Indicator of Intelligence

Eyes are the windows to the soul and they have mysterious abilities that we can not even imagine. The eyes are not just a sensory organ that responds to light and provides sight. They have even more different applications. Recently, scientists discovered that eyes are actually an indication of intelligence.  Research conducted at the GeorgiaContinue reading “Pupils as an Indicator of Intelligence”

Mysterious Sinkholes

Throughout the world, the number of sinkholes are increasing from Florida (US) to Konya (Turkey). Sinkholes are threatening lives and swallowing up a huge amount of farmland. How they form and collapse look quite mysterious, but actually the science behind them is simple. Though, preventing them is challenging. First of all, what is a sinkhole?Continue reading “Mysterious Sinkholes”

World Crisis: Climate Change

Extreme heat events are becoming more common due to climate change. In these summer days actually, we can more vividly see how climate change affects weather conditions. All around the world there is an extreme increase in temperature, some countries even state that these high temperatures are one of the highest temperatures they have witnessed.  Continue reading “World Crisis: Climate Change”

Hepatitis Can’t Wait

“Hepatitis can’t wait!” is the theme of 2021. In commemoration of this day let’s learn more about hepatitis and raise awareness. What is hepatitis? Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. There are several types of hepatitis viruses such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. Heavy alcohol use, toxins,Continue reading “Hepatitis Can’t Wait”

The Problem of Food Waste

Global food waste is a far-reaching problem with tremendous financial, ethical and environmental costs. America wastes roughly 40 percent of its food. Of the estimated 125 to 160 billion pounds of food that goes to waste every year, much of it is perfectly edible and nutritious. While we are comfortably throwing out our food, thereContinue reading “The Problem of Food Waste”

Global Wildfire Crisis

There is a major crisis that the whole world is facing: wildfires. Wildfires are becoming more destructive each year. Especially in summer, wildfires can be uncontrollable. Wildfires don’t just destroy our beautiful ecosystem, but they also damage lives of humans and economies. There are lots of establishments that are trying to address this problem andContinue reading “Global Wildfire Crisis”

What actually is “Plant-Based Diet”?

There are various types of diets that we encounter in our life. They change names but when you look deep into them you can see that they are actually similar: Montignac, Atkins, Dukan, Keto… Except one, which is plant based diets such as veganism and vegetarianism. Plant-based diets have been on the rise recently withContinue reading “What actually is “Plant-Based Diet”?”

Educational Quality in South Africa

As we are all aware that being able to educate yourself is a luxury. Learning a new language, a new word, history, an instrument and math can change our perspective of life. Also, being educated and having this broad perspective open new doors in our future. For the most part, our entire future depends onContinue reading “Educational Quality in South Africa”

Good Health and Well-Being

“To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. This goal is essential to build prosperous societies.  Access to good health and well-being is a human right, so everyone should be able to access health care— not just theContinue reading “Good Health and Well-Being”

Severe Hunger in Turkey

As we discussed in our previous article, nearly 8.9% of the world population is facing severe hunger conditions and related diseases. Despite the production capacities or economic conditions of countries, hunger is a deal of survival in every one of them. Even the “greatest” countries like the United States face the harsh consequences of acuteContinue reading “Severe Hunger in Turkey”